Music Programs

Music is a vital and lively element of worship at Pilgrim Church. With music, the people at Pilgrim participate in making a worthy offering of praise to the glory of God. This experience lifts our hearts in celebration of God and draws us into the community of faith. In our worship we celebrate the rich heritage of classical western music as well as songs, spirituals and anthems from around the globe and across the Christian era of faith.

We have a Senior Choir, a Junior (Children’s) Choir and a Hand Bell Choir. We have many instrumentalists of all ages who also assist in worship and at special occasions throughout the year. Just as there are many ways of interpreting our religious traditions, there are many types of music which open hearts and honor God.

Pilgrim Congregational's Choir Pilgrim Congregational's Adult Choir Pilgrim Congregational Children's Choir Handbell Choir
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