Christian Education

Christian Education at Pilgrim Congregational Church is dedicated to building a strong spiritual foundation for our world’s most precious resource: the children.

We offer Sunday morning classes for Preschool through eighth grade and a two-year Confirmation program generally for students in 9th and 10th grade. Our mission is to provide a loving, supportive and joy-filled environment that promotes spiritual growth, physical and emotional health, and positive self-esteem. By using the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the great traditions of our faith, we seek to gently guide each child to recognize his or her God-given gifts and Christ qualities. We recently renewed our emphasis on the classic stories from the Bible that remind us that we are all children of God and that we need to treat each other accordingly.

In addition, we hold special events or family-oriented activities throughout the year to support the spiritual growth of the families who attend Pilgrim Congregational Church and to make a significant contribution to our community. We have a young adult group with an emphasis on missions.  We also have a Lenten  Adult Bible Study on Tuesday evenings for the many adults of the Congregation who want to continue their spiritual journey in a small group setting.


Children are welcome at our worship service every Sunday and encouraged to attend the beginning of the service each week, before being invited to age-appropriate worship upstairs in our "Children's Church".  We want the children to recognize the whole church as their spiritual home and familiarizing them with the glad refrains of the organ and the beauty and peace of the sanctuary will help make them feel comfortable and welcome to worship as they grow up in the church, so they will always call the church home.

Nursery Care
We have a wonderful nursery space with a loudspeaker so the adult attendant does not have to miss the service.

Sunday School
We offer Sunday School for age four through grade eight as well as Confirmation Class for grades 9-10.  We currently offer six classes for our children based on age or grade in school.

Pre-K and Kindergarten - With this age group the children are encouraged to interact with the Bible story each week.  They do this with songs, stories, games and crafts that reinforce the message of the story of the week.

First through Third Grade - With this group we focus on the message that is being conveyed by the story, with the main emphasis being the loving, forgiving nature of God.  The stories of the Bible are shared with energetic, youthful exuberance where the loving message of the Christ is conveyed through storytelling, role-playing, and fun and enlightening activities.

First Communion - This class is typically a fourth grade class, however, any older child who would like to attend is welcome.  The First Communion class provides the children with their first Bible, teaches them how to use it and spend the year giving an overview of all the wonderful things this Holy book has to offer in preparation for the children receiving their First Communion, which takes place on the first Sunday of May.

Fifth and Sixth Grade - Following the completion of the First Communion class, the children are ready to apply what they've learned.  The Fifth grade class includes lessons on practicing the principles they have been learning.

Seventh and Eighth Grade - These students are learning to accept personal responsibility for making right choices in life and becoming more aware of their spiritual nature.  In this class they learn how to apply these magnificent guidelines to their lives.  This class is an environment where pre-teens are free to express who they are.

Confirmation Class - Ninth and tenth grade students attend a two-year spiritual group for teens who come together every week to discover who they are as spiritual beings.  This class strives to leave negative judgment, criticism, and peer pressure outside while they explore the love that God has for them.

All classes meet regularly on Sunday mornings during worship.  After children have received their First Communion, generally at the end of fourth grade, they are encouraged to participate in the worship service on Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of each month).


Welcome Home Event - Each September we welcome our returning students with a special event that is fun for all ages.

All Hallows Eve Workshop - On the Sunday before Halloween we invite all the children to an All Hallows Eve workshop in which we share the origins of Halloween and play games.  The children are invited to bring their costumes and we have a costume parade after the service.

Advent Workshop - We hold an annual Advent Workshop the first Sunday of December each year, during which all the children are invited to Fellowship Hall to make crafts and cards for shut-ins and others that need a reminder of "the reason for the season".  We also distribute advent workbooks to each child as Advent begins.

Christmas Pageant - Each year the children perform a pageant that reminds us all of the wondrous night of our Savior's birth.

Christmas Eve Family Service - We have a long running tradition in the church of having the members of the church, especially the children, share their talents with us at a family service Christmas Eve. 

Three Kings Workshop - On the first Sunday of January, we celebrate Epiphany with the children.

Valentine's Day Workshop - All the children are invited to make crafts and cards to share the love of God with others.

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper - On Shrove Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday), the whole congregation is invited to share in a traditional Pancake Supper.

Lenten Workshop - On the first Sunday of Lent, we have a Lenten workshop during which the children are encouraged to understand the reason for Lent, and have fun as a large group.

Easter Pageant - Each year the children perform an Easter pageant that reminds the congregation of the foundation of our faith as only children can do.

Bible Breakfast - At the end of third grade, each child is given a Bible in preparation for our First Communion class.  The First Communion class emphasizes Bible learning with weekly homework assignments and a biblical person report to be presented to the class.  The students and the parents praise the connections to the Bible and the church this class generates.

CE Sunday - In early June we finish our church school year with a service primarily led by the children.  During this service they can showcase their accomplishments of the church school year.


Over the summer months, a one-room church school is held each week during the worship service time.  Each class is centered around a Bible lesson, with crafts and games to reinforce the lesson.

The Nursery
Pilgrim Congregational Church offers a nursery that is a safe and nurturing place where parents can take their children to play with toys, take a nap, get a fresh diaper, or just "hang out".  There is a loudspeaker so that the adult may listen to the worship service occurring downstairs while they care for their child.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a weeklong summer program that is generally held in August, and is enjoyed by the whole community.  The curriculum is designed for children entering Kindergarten through grade five the subsequent fall.  VBS staff members select a curriculum that incorporates lessons from both the old and new testaments so the children are exposed to many different Bible stories.  VBS curriculum always incorporates a fun theme and a mascot.

Safe Church
Pilgrim Congregational Church, United Church of Christ (PCC) of Leominster is committed to being a community of Christian fellowship.  Every effort will be made to ensure that all who participate in our church life, including children, adults, and church workers, whether paid or volunteer, will be able to explore their relationship with God and each other as they seek to grow in their faith and faithfulness in an environment that is safe, secure, and nurturing. 

Sunday School
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