Mr. Jonathan Elsensohn

Our new Associate Pastor/Director of Christian Education is Mr. Jonathan Elsensohn. But really, only his mother calls him that: you can just call him Jon (or "Obie Jon Kenobi", as members of the Confirmation Class have dubbed him). Jon was born and raised in Connecticut and has lived in Vermont, where he earned his BA in Religion from Marlboro College, and in Cambridge/Boston where he received his MA in Theological Studies from the Episcopal Divinity School.

Jon is on loan to us from the American Baptist church, wherein he is working towards ordination. He has primarily served as a chaplain, first at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI, and then as a resident in Memphis, TN at the VA Medical Center. There, Jon served as the Mental Health Resident, working in the locked Psychiatric ward, the Substance Abuse clinic, Surgical Intensive Care ward, and the inpatient PTSD clinic.

When he is not at the church, Jon can usually be found with a hammer in hand, either working on a construction project or teaching woodworking to elementary school-aged children. He also has a passion for both Martial Arts and sailing, pursuits that have taken him to China and other far-flung parts of the world (though, truth be told, he looks at any boat leaving port with longing in his heart). In his few rare moments of downtime, he can usually be found traipsing the low forests and salt marshes of coastal Rhode Island, where his family lives.

Jonathan Elsensohn
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