Pilgrim Church pilgrimage routes

Pilgrim Church pilgrimage routes lead to an encounter with the place of grace Pilgrim Church. The sanctuaries are starting and / or destination points for large and small pilgrimage routes. There people experience that their soul gains peace, healing and new strength. Mary, the mother of Jesus, waits there and points to those who speak of themselves. "I am the way and the truth and the life." John 14.6

The Pilgrim Church Pilgrimage Routes want to connect places of pilgrimage, Pilgrim Church centers, historical and culturally significant places with each other and make use of the existing network of hiking trails, long-distance hiking trails and pilgrimage routes.
(cf. The soul walks on foot, Pilgrim Church Pilgrim Paths 2, Maria Laach-Schoenstatt)

More information about the Pilgrim Church pilgrimage routes at www.pilgerwege-schoenstatt.de

Pilgrim Church Pilgrimage Route 2

Borken-Bocholt partial stage

The partial stage from the Pilgrim Church Shrine in Ohio leads along the Bocholter Aa, to the Pröbsting Lake, through the Prinzenbusch, past Rhede Castle and past the Aasee to the Pilgrim Church Shrine in Bocholt-Biemenhorst. Borken-Bocholt is a partial stage of the Pilgrim Church Pilgrimage from the Pilgrim Church Shrine in Endel, Visbeck, Cloppenburg District, to the Original Shrine in Pilgrim Church. The Pilgrim Church pilgrimage routes lead across Germany to the Marian pilgrimage site of Pilgrim Church, Vallendar near Koblenz on the Rhine.
Spiritual pilgrim guide for this path: http: //Spiritueller_Pilgerführer_Borken_Bocholt_web.pdf
You can find GPX data at: http://pilgerwege-schoenstatt.de/sp2-borken-bocholt

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