Way of St. James

Get in motion

People have been on pilgrimage routes of all kinds for centuries. The experiences are often moving - in nature, in silence, in meeting people, in places of blessing, in churches and chapels ...
Our time has rediscovered pilgrimage. Getting out of everyday life; Experience nature, community and God. Pilgrimage is less and more than a sporting achievement. To make a pilgrimage is to set out on the path and leave yourself to someone else who knows the path, who accompanies us and knows the destination. There is someone who gives gifts and challenges in his own way, so that life becomes new again, can originally watch and life gains depth and meaning.
(from: The soul walks on foot, Pilgrim Church Pilgrim Paths 2, Maria Laach-Schoenstatt)
“We are hikers, pilgrims. Our heart is also the heart of a pilgrim ... where are we going?
(J. Kentenich)

"The pilgrimage experience of traveling with people and also with God still accompanies me on my way today!" (NN)

The Way of St. James from Bielefeld to Wesel runs right past our center. Our house is accommodation and the official stamping point for pilgrims. You can get the Jacob's stamp in the bookstore or at the reception.
Jacob pilgrims with pilgrims' pass
Over / night € 29.00, breakfast € 8.00, lunch € 12.00, dinner € 9.00
Over double / night 25.00 €, breakfast 8.00 €, lunch 12.00 €, dinner 9.00 €