Pilgrim Church Movement Women and Mothers Diocese of Münster

who we are

We are women and mothers who seek to live out their Christian vocation in marriage and family, work and society. We are part of the international Pilgrim Church Movement, a Catholic movement that was founded on October 18, 1914 by Father Josef Kentenich in Germany / Vallendar. Our movement wants to tap into the vitality of the Christian faith and enable new ways of Christian life.

What is important to us

* To shape our concrete everyday life based on the faith and spirituality of Pilgrim Church
* To seek and convey answers to life questions
* To develop our talent as a woman and to grow as a personality
* Invest in marriage and family
* Where we stand, to help shape our society with the strength of our specific talent
* To live our faith in community with other women
* To learn from Mary, mother of Jesus and the woman at his side

How we work and what we invite you to do

* Women's Day
* Morning / evening meetings
* Personality workshop
* Oasis days with and without children
* Thematically oriented discussion groups
* Mother / parent blessing celebrations for women and families expecting a child
* "ENCOUNTER" - a magazine written by women for women
... and much more

Further information: http://www.s-fm.de

Contact Diocese of Münster

Annegret Gausling: gausling.a. @ Web.de

Maria Peitz: [email protected]

Sister Marie-Jeannette Wagner: [email protected]