Pilgrim Church Family Movement Diocese of Münster

Who we are and what is important to us

The Pilgrim Church Family Movement is an independent Catholic family community as part of the international Pilgrim Church Movement.
As the Pilgrim Church Family Movement, we stand for a new "way of life". In our constantly changing world there is a treasure: people who say yes to each other - for life. In the multitude of forms of human coexistence, Christian married couples live a relationship with a special quality: the sacrament of marriage. God himself can be experienced in the covenant of love.

Maria is our "coach and trainer" for everyday marriage and family life. The “covenant of love” with Mary is a spiritual path on which marriage in the ups and downs of life can be lived more and more as a covenant of love. Marriage is therefore a life community in which both partners grow personally, make each other happy and shape a space of love in which children can develop into free and strong personalities.

The Pilgrim Church Family Movement is divided into three communities: the Family League, the Family Association and the Pilgrim Church Family Institute. In the Pilgrim Church Family Movement we are building a model for the future: the Church as a network of Christian families, in which faith is lived and passed on and the values ​​of the Gospel are the benchmark.

So that love grows

… “The first love came about without us having done anything to it. Even if it arises by itself, it does not grow by itself. "
(Father Josef Kentenich on married couples)
That's why we invest in marriage and family - for ourselves and for others.

What we invite

* Marriage preparation: The direction is already determined at the "start" (6 evenings in Ohio)
* Courses on marriage education and child rearing: lectures, seminars, weekends
* Exchange on questions of life and belief in family groups in different places
* Apostolic projects to strengthen other married couples and families (e.g. candlelight dinners)
* Family days for married couples and families with children
* More the two of us again - offers for married couples aged 50 and over

Married couples who share the goals and tasks of the family movement come together in the family league. The intensity of the cooperation is determined by each couple themselves. You can "recharge" at Pilgrim Church events or join together in fixed groups to exchange experiences and give each other support. A team of married couples and family advisors coordinates and inspires apostolic engagement in the diocese of Münster.

Events can be found at
http://pilgrimchurch-ucc.org and at http://familienbewegung.de/muenster-v.html

Our diocesan team includes:

Family Marigrete and Ansgar Imwalle , Bakum, email: [email protected]

Family Silke and Jochen Lösing, Ahaus-Alstätte

Lisa and Udo Erbe family, Xanten

As a family speaker:

Father Werner M. Kuller, Pilgrim Church, email: [email protected]

Sister M. Gertraud Evanzin, email: [email protected]