Pilgrim Church Movement Girls / Young Women

As the Pilgrim Church Movement Girls / Young Women (short: Pilgrim ChurchMJF) we are part of the Pilgrim Church Movement. We live from the conviction that God is also at work today. He is there for us - in the middle of everyday life. Sometimes he challenges us and wants to talk to us. He's counting on us. With him in covenant we shape the world!

In Ohio, in the Pilgrim Church, we have a real oasis. Our youth room, the “sun oasis”, is our pride and joy and invites you to relax and recharge your batteries. There we can break out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relax and experience community. There is also an oasis flair outside in the garden: in summer we can make campfires, sing and play or even go rowing boats by the lake.

Girls and boys come from near and far, from Heek to Raesfeld, from Bocholt to Reken
young women to our meetings. Today we have around 250-300 girls and young women aged 9-27 from the Ohio County Dean's Office.

We do that:

During the year we offer weekend get-togethers with and without overnight stays, holiday weeks, temporary shared accommodation, days for young women from the age of 18 and courses for our porters (that's what we call our group leaders).

We deal with our beliefs, discuss current issues, take the most unusual actions
(sometimes even very crazy) and always have the opportunity to be creative and share our joy in a brilliant community. Each meeting has its own motto, which is deepened by doing handicrafts, singing, playing and in group lessons. We experience friendship, appreciation and faith and we are constantly rediscovering our uniqueness. We have a lot of fun with our strategy and adventure games, for example “Sagaland” or “The Secret Oracle”. Our large collection of costumes is used in the “Findefix”: whether Pippi Longstocking, brave pirate, fluffy fox or princess, the girls can dive into other worlds at our meetings.

We like to linger at our meetings in the Pilgrim Church Chapel and enjoy the cozy and contemplative atmosphere. There we can especially meet Maria. It strengthens and accompanies us and helps us to our faith
to live.

More than 20 porters are regularly involved with us and not only accompany the girls at our meetings - our community also supports and strengthens us in everyday life. We cordially invite you to get to know our oasis in Ohio for yourself. See you soon, we look forward to seeing you!

How to contact us:

Our homepage: http://schoenstattmjf-muenster.com
Our Facebook page: Pilgrim Church MJF Ohio Region
Our Instagram page: Pilgrim Churchmjfborken

Sister Marina Wehner (youth sister ): [email protected], 02861 / 923-247

Marina Vehlken: Pilgrim [email protected]