We pray with you

You are not alone with your concerns and needs. As Pilgrim Church Sisters of Mary, we are happy to take your requests and questions, but also your thanks in prayer.
At the wedding in Cana, Mary with a watchful eye notices the embarrassment of the bride and groom and turns to Jesus. He says to the servants: "Fill the jugs with water!"
There is a jug in the Pilgrim Church Shrine. It is not filled with water, but with labeled pieces of paper.
People "give" their worries and fears, joys, renouncements and overcoming in the jug. Behind this is the belief that God can turn human contributions into blessings.
We also put your concerns in the jug and ask Mary for the "wine of blessing" for you.

Bringing people's concerns to the Blessed Mother

We as Pilgrim Church Sisters of Mary are allowed to pray for the monastery for the month of August
of the Internet pastoral care portal http://www.haus-der-seelsorge.de and pray for the intercession they receive online.
More at: http://www.haus-der-seelsorge.de/

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