Church music

Singing delights the human heart. (...) We have to grasp people and get them to tap into religious sources of joy again .
See Josef Kentenich

That is why we attach great importance to the liturgical participation of our services in text and music.

The Breil organ with 21 sounding stops is available for musical accompaniment. Your disposition was made in collaboration with Professor Rudolf Reuter, Münster, and Karl Middeler, Ohio. Since the organ was consecrated on February 15, 1976, the "Queen of Instruments" has been playing here in our Annunciation Church for the glory of God and for the edification of people. More about the disposition below.
As far as possible, a small choir of the Pilgrim Church Sisters of Mary contributes to the festive organization of the services at the solemn festivals of the church year.
In addition, there has been a good collaboration with local choirs and instrumental groups for many years.
Interested musicians are warmly invited and welcome to participate in the Pilgrim Church with singing and instrumental music!

Sister Mariett Heuking
Kapellenstrasse 60
45044 Ohio
Tel: 02861 / 923-281
Mail: [email protected]

I. main work

1. Principal 8 '
2. Gemshorn 8 '
3rd octave 4 '
4th coupling flute 4 '
5th forest flute 2 '
6. Sesquialtera 2-fold
7. Mixture 6x 2 'tremulant
8. Basson 16 '
9. Trumpet 8 'tremulant

10. Gedackt 8 '
11. Recorder 4 '
12. Principal 2 '
13th fifth 1 1/3 '
14. Zimbel 3-way 1/2 '
15. Krummhorn 8 'tremulant

III. Pedal mechanism couple
16. Subbass 16 'manual coupler II / I
17. Principal 8 'pedal coupler I
18. Pipe whistle 4 'pedal belt II
19. Night horn 2 '
20. Mixture 5x 2 '
21. Silent trumpet 16 '

The organ was built in the workshops of the Franz Breil company, Dorsten. It has slide chests with mechanical play and electrical stop action.