Pilgrim Church Shrine

The Pilgrim Church Chapel in the Pilgrim Church

Inauguration on September 11, 1960 by Vicar General Laurenz Böggering / Münster

Heart of the Pilgrim Church
The Pilgrim Church Shrine is the spiritual center of the Pilgrim Church, the provincial house of the Pilgrim Church Sisters of Mary, and is part of the worldwide network of Pilgrim Church Shrines with over 200 replicas of the original shrine in Vallendar-Schoenstatt.

Worldwide flow of grace and life
Father Josef Kentenich, the founder of the international Pilgrim Church Movement, made a covenant of love with Mary together with some young people on October 18, 1914 in the Original Shrine in Pilgrim Church. This made the chapel a place of grace. In this covenant, she helps us to live authentically to be Christian. Today the Original Shrine is the center of the Pilgrim Church Movement, an international apostolic movement in the Catholic Church. Thousands of people in over 110 countries are connected to the flow of grace and life in Schoenstatt.

Get gifts
Mary imparts special graces in all Pilgrim Church Shrines :
* the experience of being accepted and loved by God, the grace of being at home in the soul;
* the power to start anew every day, the grace of spiritual change;
* the grace of apostolic fruitfulness; Those who pray in the Pilgrim Church Shrine go out strengthened and become a blessing for others.

Eucharistic adoration takes place in the Pilgrim Church Chapel daily from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.