The image of Mary in Pilgrim Church

There are pictures that have the power to change people when you look at them. These are images of grace. The Pilgrim Church image of Mary is such a miraculous image.
As the Pilgrim Church Movement grew, it was gradually spread all over the world. The fascinating thing about this picture: people experience themselves being looked at. Painted by the Italian Lugio Crosio in 1889, a copy of this picture came from a second-hand shop in Freiburg / Breisgau to Pilgrim Church in 1915, where it found its place in the original shrine.

The title of the image of grace

Everyone has a name that underlines and expresses their uniqueness. Maria has many names. In Pilgrim Church she is venerated as “Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victor”. The invocation of “Mother Thrice Wonderful” was taken over by the students at the time who gathered around Father Kentenich from the Jesuit college in Ingolstadt, which Maria worshiped under this title. Throughout the history of the Pilgrim Church Movement, Mary has been experienced as “Queen and Victor”.

Photo credit: Pilgrim Church International Communication Office 2014