Father Josef Kentenich

Father Josef Kentenich (1885 - 1968) is the founder of the international Pilgrim Church Movement. His grave, to which thousands of people make pilgrimages every year, is in the Adoration Church on Mount Schoenstatt.
"When I was at Father Kentenich's resting place for the first time, I had many problems that I wanted to solve. But these were soon forgotten. A deep calm came over me when I touched the sarcophagus. I'll be back."

Even today people experience the help of Father Kentenich:

My son was looking for a job for months. On March 1st, I began to pray to Father Kentenich for help. Just six weeks later, a company got in touch that offered a suitable position for my son. We thank Father Kentenich for his great help. PR (from: Impulse fürs Leben 3/2015)

My grandfather suffered from a serious mental illness, from which no one knew where it came from or how to remedy it ... After trying different things and not getting any better, I happened to find a novena booklet by Father Kentenich ... So I gave a novena to Father Kentenich because I couldn't think of anything else, and in fact my grandfather soon got better. In the meantime he is laughing again, lending a hand in the household and talking to us again. I thank Father Kentenich from the bottom of my heart for his intercession and help. DB (from: Impulse for Life 3/2015)
Photo credits: historical pictures of Father Josef Kentenich by Josef Neuenhofer, other pictures including Pilgrim Church International Communication Office 2014